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Named after the sultry siren of the high seas, Blackheart Premium Spiced Rum lives up to its namesake and every aspect of her bold, bawdy, cunning and seductive personality. Now, Blackheart Rum has teamed up with Playboy to bring you The Blackhearts: four irresistible Playmates brought together to embody the Blackheart spirit.

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Miss Bold


Confident and daring, Tiffany is a risk taker who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. Suitors heed warning: this brazen blonde never backs away from a challenge and you definitely don’t want to bring out her bad-girl side. Or maybe you do.

Miss Bawdy

shelby chesnes

Shelby tends to invite a bit of chaos, but this troublemaker will tell you there’s no fun without a little danger. Her loud, boisterous personality turns every head and her risqué demeanor captivates every man who crosses her path.

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Miss Cunning

kimberly phillips

Kimberly will have you wrapped around her seemingly sweet finger in no time. This charming Playmate always holds her ground. But be careful, she knows exactly what she wants, and knows just how to convince you it’s what you want too.

Miss Seductive

raquel gibson

Just one look will have you hooked on Raquel. She’ll coax her way directly into your heart if you’re lucky enough to catch her eye. And a single sexy smile shot your way will keep you wanting more.

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